Between a Tweet and a Tumble

  • Thoughts From the '90s

    Remember when Buffy sleeping with Angel for the first time immediately turned him into a demon? Was that TV's first fuckboy? 

  • Thoughts From an Indulgently Uneventful Saturday Night at Home

    Has it ever felt like writing was its own type of performance piece? It's an exercise in cadence and the exact placement of dramatic pauses. The projection of oneself as a character, eliciting empathy, and silently establishing tone. It's a footwork. It's a muscle. It requires practice and mentorship. It can be evaluated as well or poorly executed. Sadly it doesn't burn any calories. 

    Currently working on an essay on The Joy of Missing Out. 

  • Thoughts From Coachella

    1. A slow Kendrick song will make grown straight men wrap their arms around each other. I saw it with my own eyes.

    2. The music industry is so super-collaborative now. Every other song was a different surprise guest. 

    Sidenote: While I was waiting for that surprise Rihanna cameo that never happened in the Kendrick set, I wondered to myself which of them was more famous right now, and then why it happened so much faster for him, and then why he was allowed to be himself so much earlier on in his career. Hmmm. 

    3. Adult carnival. 

    4. "Does it feel kind of... gentle in here to you?"

    No one at Coachella is fucked up! Seriously, no one is fucked up. We realized this when we were safely coralled into the drink zone each with one of two choices of beer. I was also like wow why is the ground so dry? Because no one is drunkenly pissing everywhere. Why is no one lying flat on the ground trying to center themselves? Becasuse the EDM kids don't show up to this. A really perfect festival for people who, like me, "don't really party like that anymore." 

    5. The crowd moves in waves. Seriously, if you let two people pass in front of you, they'll be followed by 100 other people they don't know. You can jump in and ride the wave too, or you can get wiped out. I was swept out of DJ Khaled as quickly as I was swept in. 

  • Howdy

    I gotta lotta thoughts, not all of which anyone would want to pay me for. This seems like a reasonable place to put them. I guess we could call it a "blog."