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  • The Best of Manifesta 11

    Did I love Manifesta 11 or hate it? Both. I cannot tell. BTW Christian Jankowski did give me the best unpublished quote ever on how French iconoclast Michel Houellebecq's collaboration with a local Zurich doctor was like that alien-astronaut encounter from Solaris

    "We have this introduction from that old Andrey Tarkovskiy movie. In the spaceship, there's an alien who meets an astronaut and they both float in the spaceship together, and they're both familiar and unfamiliar. I see somethig like this there, too. Sometimes Michel makes a very long pause, and you wonder, is it because my question is so stupid? Is he making a pause because he's thinking? I still don't know, but it's every human's right to be irritating." Read the rest at Artinfo

  • 4 Ways Snøhetta’s SFMoMA Expansion Changes the Way You View Art

    All actual architecture critics have disagreed with me, but I think SFMOMA is an extraordinary formal achievement that addresses the function and user experience of the art museum as it exists today (although I think the lighting, an essential art museum component, is disappointingly lackluster). Jeez, it's just so now. When viewed head on, it rises between two other buildings that have become emblematic of their respective periods, making a statement, finally, about the til-now styless 21st century. It also fits beautifully into the odd space it was alotted, on the scale of both the site and the city. Plus you can walk through it on your morning commute. I love how museums are doing that these days. Read on at Artinfo